OMG! Baaghi 2 Expected to be the Biggest Opener of Tiger Shroff’s Career

Tiger Shroff is riding high. The pre-release reports of his upcoming film Baaghi 2 range from “very hot” to “outstanding”, with selected preview audiences raving about Tiger’s action scenes. “I don’t think we’ve seen anything like the stunts in Baaghi 2 in Hindi cinema before. Tiger is the most accomplished action star of Bollywood. Baaghi 2 will prove it,” says a source very close to the film.

Tiger Shroff is hardly preening about his pre-release raves. “We’ve all worked very hard on the project, Ahmed Khan (director), Disha Patani and me. The rest is up to destiny whichever way the wind chooses to blow.” How does it feel when preview audiences say Tiger’s action sequences are better than anything attempted in Hindi cinema? Tiger answers it cautiously. “I think we should wait. Let the audience decide what they feel. I had to change my entire styling, cut my hair really short. I miss my hair. But if the audience likes my new look so much, there is little that I can complain about.” Trade pundits say Baaghi 2 would have a much bigger opening than the first Baaghi film that had launched Tiger’s career three years ago. Says a source from a multiplex chain. “We expect Baaghi 2 to open really big. The only competition is Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One. Warner Brothers are opening it on a large scale. But it’s not being dubbed in any Indian language.”

Says Ahmed Khan. “We are not looking at Spielberg as competition. Tiger and Baaghi 2 are the desi entertainers. Spielberg is a different world.” Tiger Shroff is surprised to know about the release of Ready Player One. “I had no clue about this. Are we really opening opposite Spielberg? Wow!” Trade analyst Atul Mohan is hopeful. “Baaghi 2 should open well with good numbers. The hype has been proper. It has to been seen how audiences take to it. The promos shows lots of action which will appeals to single screens .But the single screens have declined since Part 1 was released. The music is weak and Jacqueline’s Tezaab homage (Ek do teen) has been panned by all. The first Baaghi films was something fresh and that’s the reason it worked. The promos of Baaghi 2 show what we have seen in very recently in Tiger Zinda Hai. So let’s how audiences take it.”

Are you excited to watch Tiger Shroff in Baaghi 2?

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